Pool Tables

A pool table is a must-have item for every bar. For many bar patrons a pool table is a deciding factor for which location they will be going to for the night. If they get bored, there’s always the option to grab the sticks and play a few rounds of billiards to keep things interesting. 

If you are the bar owner though you may be considering the space requirement and wondering if it’s a good idea to take up so much of your valuable real-estate inside with a pool table or two. Keep in mind that some people visit bars solely to play pool, so if you decide not to install a table it could mean you are missing out on an entire new customer base! The great thing about billiards is that people of all ages and skill levels can play – so you may have serious pool players on one table and some friends on the other table who have never played before and they are all having fun. 

If you’re considering getting a pool table for your bar, call us today! We provide and service the pool table entirely free of charge. We will purchase  brand new coin-operated pool table, have it delivered and installed in your preferred locaiton and completely service any issues it may be having all at no cost to you!