If you are a bar or venue you owner it is crucial to consider getting an electronic dart board for your space. Electronic dart boards are a great addition for bars because they take up a minimal amount of space but they can open up a huge window of possibilities for your patrons. Having a couple dart boards in your space can allow for competitive dart leagues to start hosting events are your bars, or for just the average customer to spend some time with their friends and family. 

Since electronic dartboards are one of the most one of the most popular amusements at bars nowadays, we have made this one of our main services which we focus on. 

We will provide the state of the art and highest quality dart boards available to your bar. A current favorite is the Arachnid BullShooter Galaxy G3 Fire. All we need is a standard electrical outlet and about 4 square feet of floor space. 

If you are interested in getting a dartboard installed at your bar or venue, contact us today. We offer FREE placements of these dartboards where we own the equipment and fully-service it.

Dartboard Machines at a Bar